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About The  Program

You're On Your Way To Gaining The Knowledge To Get Your Business Set For Success.

Are you frustrated because you have more questions than answers and don't know where to start?

Is it time to finally take that step forward so that you can grow your cleaning business and have it run without you? 

Do you long for some free time to be able to focus on your family, your health and other dreams? (Maybe even travel?)

Need more clients in order to be able to hire more employees AND need more employees in order to get more clients?

Don't you think it's time to stop doing it all alone and get help from someone that has been there and is experiencing success?

Use Kerri's proven system to attract and retain the best employees that will take pride in providing grade A services!

  • ​Finally: Become the CEO of your business and enjoy the freedoms that come with that....(hint; time, financial and personal freedom)
  • ​Mentorship: Have Kerri  "in your pocket" during every step of your foundation reinvention process and readily available during your growth stage.
  • ​6 Figure Master Plan: Use the very system Kerri used to grow your business and obtain all the freedom you desire!

Aren't you Ready to Attract Elite Clients and Hire Amazing Employees, Train them to Follow a Proven System and Grow your Business Beyond your Dreams?

Our Client Results

Current and Previous clients are not dissappointed! 


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And Achieve amazing growth in your cleaning business?

Regardless of who you serve (Residential, Commercial or Vacation Rental) Kerri will assist you to set your fondation and then use it as your platform for success! 


The only thing standing between you and your CEO 6 Figure mindset is your inability to DECIDE! 

Weekly Zoom Meeting With Fellow 6 Figure Master Plan CEO"s

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Live 2-hour question & answer session with the training programs expert! The shortcut to understand what is REALLY happening with your systems and processes...make better choices and feel confident that you are making decisions from a CEO mindset! 

Understand Your Core Values and Use Them To Attract Like Minded Professionals

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Explore and Evaluate your personal values and use them to attract employees as well as clients to experience peace and harmony in your daily interactions!

Strategize, Design and Implement Various Systems for Lead Gen

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Strategize with Kerri and her team to decide which lead generation format is best for you. Automated Emails, Text Messaging, Linked In, Emphasis on Organic Marketing (BONUS; Free Sales Page Included!!)

Creating Systems That Work

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Learn to create your personal system to ensure your staff are empowered by utilizing the very best system!

We'll show you how to create job descriptions, routines, and checklists that encourage systematization!


Aren't you Ready to Hire Amazing Employees, Train them to Follow a Proven System and Grow your Business Beyond your Dreams?

  • ​Define The Problem: Do you need proven strategies to grow your business?
  • ​Find The Solution: Need to learn the 6 Figure Master Plan from someone that has done it and has proven it works?
  • ​Decide: Make the decision to grow your business by clicking the link below!

When you make the decision to grow your business you must use an "all in" strategy. Make the decision, find the solution, implement the plan! 6 Figure Master Plan is the solution. All you have to do is Decide to Book A Call! 

Offering Elite Cleaning Services


With Adopting a CEO  Mindset.

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